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1oz Krugerrand Gold Coin 2023


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1oz Krugerrand Gold Coin 2023

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Product Description

Discover the newest edition of the gold Krugerrand, dated 2023, the most popular one ounce gold coin worldwide. This gold Krugerrand is the most popular gold bullion coin in the world. It is and has been produced by the South African Mint and the Rand Refinery since 1967. Buy Bullion offers this gold bullion coin for sale at a low premium and competitive prices, with discounts available if you are looking to buy more than one coin.

Design of the Gold Krugerrand

The 2022 Gold Krugerrand features the same beautiful design than the previous versions. The obverse features Otto Schultz portrait of Paul Kruger, former president of the South African Republic. The reverse shows a springbok, symbolic animal of South Africa. The reverse image was designed by Coert Steynberg.

Why buy gold Krugerrands?

Gold Krugerrands are ideal coin to add to your investment portfolio or collection.

Most popular gold coins

The Krugerrand was the first one ounce denomination gold coin to enter in the bullion market. Since its release in 1967, the gold Krugerrand has been and remains the most traded gold bullion coin internationally. It has not decrease in popularity, and is easy to sell worldwide.

Low Premium

Among the range of 1oz gold bullion coins available in the market, the Krugerrand is one with the lowest premium. Other gold coins such as the Chinese Panda or the Australian Kangaroo have higher premiums, because their design change every year.


The South African Gold Krugerrand is made of 22 carats gold. Also called “crown gold”, this gold-copper alloy gives the coin a distinctive red-orange colour. This makes the coin more resistant and durable, compared to fine .999 fine gold coins.

2022 Gold Krugerrand coins are backed by the South African government for their purity, gold content and weight. Because it contains one ounce of gold, it is easy to track the value of your gold Krugerrand. You just need to look at the gold spot price per oz to get an idea of its current value.

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