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Maid Marian Myths & Legends 1oz Gold Coin 2022


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Maid Marian Myths & Legends 1oz Gold Coin 2022

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Product Description

2022 Maid Marian Myths & Legends 1oz Gold Coin

The second release to the myths & legends collection, features Maid Marian standing watchful amongst the greenery of Sherwood Forest, stealthily observing through the trees with a bow and a quiver of arrows on her back, poised for action. Two more coins inspired by the tale featuring Robin Hood and his trusted companion Little John are available now.

Struck in 999.9 fine gold, each one ounce coin is finished to The Royal Mint’s bullion standard.

Why buy 1 oz gold coins?

Like any other gold coin, 1oz gold Myths & Legends coins are VAT free both in Great Britain.

One ounce gold coins are popular in the gold bullion market. They are a great way to split your precious metal holdings into smaller fractions. In fact, a large gold bar is not always the best option.

Buying 1 ounce gold bullion coins makes your investment more divisible and liquid. You can resell a few gold coins when you need cash, instead of selling a whole bar at once. Therefore, it is worth paying a slightly higher premium.

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