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Coronation Gold 1oz


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Coronation Gold 1oz

Product Description

Celebrate a milestone in British history with this exquisite bullion coin range marking the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. These coins result from meticulous craftsmanship from The Royal Mint, boasting a design that encapsulates the grandeur and significance of this momentous occasion.

The obverse of the coin is graced with the first-ever crowned coinage portrait of His Majesty The King, beautifully designed by renowned British sculptor Martin Jennings. This portrait stands as a testament to the tradition of royal portraiture, presenting an image of King Charles III. The King himself granted this powerful symbol of monarchy personal approval.

Turning the coin over reveals a magnificent reverse design by artist John Bergdahl. This design displays His Majesty’s royal cypher, a unique combination of the King’s initials and a crown, presented in a highly stylized form. The royal cypher is an enduring symbol of the King’s authority and sovereignty, echoing the grandeur of the British monarchy.

Each bullion coin in this limited-edition range is expertly struck in fine gold and silver, testifying to the exceptional quality that The Royal Mint is globally known for. These coins are finished to The Royal Mint’s exacting bullion standard, promising an unrivalled level of detail and precision.


Why buy 1 oz gold coins?

Gold coins are exempt from VAT in the United Kingdom and all other EU member states.

They are an excellent method for dividing your precious metal holdings into smaller portions. In actuality, a large gold bar is not always the optimal choice. Even if you purchase gold bars at a lower price per gramme, a large gold bar will limit the liquidity of your investment.

Purchasing 1-ounce gold bullion coins increases the divisibility and liquidity of your investment. Instead of selling an entire gold bar when you need cash, you can sell a few gold coins. Consequently, it is worthwhile to pay a slightly higher premium.


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