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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re looking to buy gold bullion coins or bars online, abroad, or in the UK our dedicated investment advisors are glad to customize a strategy that suits your individual portfolio, and unique preferences.

Should I Buy Gold Coins or Bars?

Whilst essentially a personal preference, there are certain established advantages of coins vs. bars, and vice versa. Whilst the significantly larger size of Gold Bullion bars makes them a superior choice for holding large quantities of gold, Gold Bullion coins remain by far a more popular option for individual investors.

Not only does the small size of coins allow for greater flexibility in terms of acquisition, holding coins also makes it far easier to liquidate your investment, in whole or in part.

On the other hand, while bars can be purchased at a lower premium than coins, they often also have lower selling premiums, which can significantly cut into your profit margin, as and when you choose to liquidate your investment.

Furthermore, unlike gold bars, the price of gold coins is impacted in part by considerations of collectability, either due to aesthetic, historic, or sentimental value. As a result, coins offer investors the opportunity for returns on two fronts: the increase in the price of gold, and an increase on the premium of the collectible.

Gold coins designated as legal tender also carry the additional tax benefit of being exempt from CGT.

Are Bullion Products Vat-Free?

Since 1st January 2000, all investment grade gold is VAT exempt across the EU, as per notice 201/21a, the full details of which are available on HMRC’s website. Certain Gold Bullion and numismatic coins are also exempt from CGT.

Why Should I Invest in Precious Metals?

A look at the history of gold offers a couple of clear and consistent lessons: the price of gold begins to soar in times of economic distress and political unrest. Which sounds a lot like right now. And yes, objectively, right now would be quite a good time to buy gold.

At Solomon Global, however, we understand that investing is subjective. So, we believe the best time to invest is when the time feels right for you. If you feel that could be now, our dedicated advisors are available to offer advice, answer any questions, or help select the product best suited to your preferences.

What is Gold Bullion?

Gold Bullion is a highly pure form of investment-grade gold, with a typical fineness of 999 or 99.9%. Gold Bullion is available as both bars and coins.

Gold Bullion is traded close to the spot-prices of gold, and derives its value from the price of the metal itself (as opposed to any historical or aesthetic considerations, as is the case with collectable numismatic and semi-numismatic coins).

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