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1oz Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin 2023


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1oz Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin 2023

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Product Description

The Royal Canadian Mint produces this coin with high quality standard. This lead to bullion coins with a high level of purity: .99999, also known as “5 nines”.

Buying 1oz gold maple leafs is a popular way to start investing in gold. These coins are the oldest and most well know 1 ounce gold bullion coins in the market, after the Krugerrand and the Britannia.

Looking to buy gold maple leaf coins at a cheaper price? See our Gold Maple Leaf Coin (Best Value) product for a lower price and mixed dates.

Why buy gold Maple Leaf coins ?

A distinctive feature of the 1oz gold Maple Leaf is its high gold purity. As a result, these gold coins are slightly smaller in size, compared to a Krugerrand for instance. It also have a more shining yellow colour compared to the 22 carats gold coins. This make the gold Maple Leaf a fragile coin. It is recommended to store the coins in plastic tubes or capsules for transport.

The canadian gold Maple Leaf is an ideal gold bullion coin for private investors who want simply to buy and store physical gold. They contain exactly one ounce of gold, which make it really easy to track their value overtime, by simply looking at the gold spot price.

Why buy 1 oz gold coins ?

One ounce gold coins are popular in the gold bullion market. They are a great way to split your precious metal holdings in smaller fractions. In fact, a large gold bar is not always the best option. Even if you will pay less per gram with gold bars, a large gold bar will restrict the fungibility of your investment.

Buying 1 ounce gold bullion coins make your investment more liquid. You can trade few gold coins when needed, instead of selling a large bar at once. Because of this, it is worth paying a slightly higher premium above the gold spot spot price.

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