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Gold Sovereign Coin (Best Value – Mixed Years)


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Gold Sovereign Coin (Best Value – Mixed Years)

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Product Description

Buy gold sovereign coin today with this Best Value Package. Buy Bullion offer this package which contains a random selection of dates and portrait at the lowest price. This product comes from secondary market. all the coins are mixed dates. Each gold sovereign contains 7.32 grams of fine gold.

Why buy gold sovereign coins ?

Full and Half Gold Sovereigns contain a 22 carat gold-copper alloy. This precious metal alloy is also called “crown gold”. They are excellent coin to invest in gold in smaller units and divide your precious metal investment in smaller quantities. It is easier to sell few gold sovereigns in order rather than selling a gold bar.

Gold sovereigns are the flagship product of the Royal Mint, because of their symbol of integrity and strength worldwide. The Royal Mint always ensures to provide gold bullion coins with the highest minting quality. Therefore, the british government ensure the weight and gold purity of each gold sovereign produced.

The Royal Mint manufactured gold sovereigns in various branches across UK, Australia and Canada. London, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Ottawa produced most of the gold sovereign available in the market. Besides, other branches of the Royal Mint located in India and South Africa issued sovereigns in lower mintages. We can cite for example the Bombay (India) and Pretoria mint (South Africa).

Gold sovereigns are the perfect way to invest in physical gold in small amount. Any investor, collector  or bullion dealer around the world recognise this product as the most investable gold coin in the world. As British Legal Tender, gold sovereigns are exempt from Capital Gain Tax (CGT). Moreover, they are VAT Free. Therefore it is an ideal coin for british investors.

Design of the gold sovereign

The reverse depicts different portrait of british monarchs, from Victoria to Elisabeth II. The busts of the monarch is surrounded by latin inscriptions. Different designers produced the obverse design, such as Joseph Edgar Boehm (Victorian era) William de Saules (Edward VII), Jody Clark (Elisabeth II)

The reverse shows the traditional design of St George slaying a dragon by Benedetto Pistrucci. The year of issue and mintmark are located under the horse, at the bottom of the coin.

Brief History of the gold sovereign

Gold sovereigns coins have been produced by the Royal Mint for over 500 years. All gold sovereigns are tested for their weight and purity at the Trial of the Pyx, an independent verification trial that operates for over 700 years.

The first gold sovereign was struck Henry VII’s reign. He ordered the officer at the Royal Mint to produce “a new money of gold”, the 28th of October 1489. The gold sovereign was at this period the largest and most valuable gold coin ever seen at that time. Succeeding monarchs decided to strike new version of the famous british gold coin. However, that practice died in 1603, when James I became the new King of England and Scotland.

The gold sovereign was reintroduced in Great Britain soon after the defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. British authorities carried out a review of the nation’s coinage. A new gold coin of 20 shilling was introduced and given the name of Sovereign. However, this new gold coin was only half the weight and diameter of the modern gold sovereign that we know today.

The gold sovereign was designed by Benedetto Pistrucci, one of the most celebrated gem engraver in the world at this time. The picture on the reverse of the coin featured the famous St George and the dragon. This design has remained the same until now. The Pistrucci’s design has appeared on the british gold currency of every monarch.

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