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100 Grams Gold Bar (Best Value)


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100 Grams Gold Bar (Best Value)

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Product Description

When contemplating an investment in gold, it’s crucial to make an informed choice. Choose Buy Bullion, a trusted name in the world of bullion markets, offering a unique opportunity to buy 100-gram gold bars from LBMA approved refiners. This ensures that your investment decision is based on both quality and reliability in the ever-changing landscape of the price of a gold bar.

Why choose 100-gram gold bars?

These gold bars are a popular choice among investors seeking to hold physical gold. With dimensions of approximately 45mm x 25mm x 2.3mm, these 100-gram gold bars are smaller in size compared to larger cast gold bars, making them a practical and manageable investment. Importantly, all our 100-gram gold bars are sourced from LBMA-approved refiners, guaranteeing authenticity and quality in every transaction amid the fluctuations in the price of a gold bar.

Gold bars are a practical choice for investors. They require less storage space compared to coins while offering the same number of gold ounces. Unlike gold coins, there are no premiums on our gold bars. You pay only for the metal content, making it a cost-effective investment in precious metal.

Buying gold bars online with Buy Bullion is a straightforward process

Whether you’re in the UK or elsewhere, our 50 years of experience as a bullion dealer in London ensures you have access to high-quality, LBMA-approved gold bars with delivery options to suit your preferences. You can purchase gold bullion bars online using various payment methods, including Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

At Buy Bullion, we are committed to providing you with fully insured delivery. This ensures your precious metal investment arrives safely and securely. Our gold bars are not only from LBMA refiners but are also VAT-free, making your investment even more attractive.

Considering adding gold to your investment portfolio? Note that Buy Bullion offers a wide range of 100g gold bars that are fully insured. Also, available at low premiums over the spot price of a gold bar. Your investment decision is important, and we are here to help you make it a smart one.

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