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Graded 2024 Liberty and Britannia 1oz Gold Coin MS69


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Graded 2024 Liberty and Britannia 1oz Gold Coin MS69

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Product Description

Coin Weight: 1oz
Gold Purity: 999.9
Brand: The Royal Mint
Country: United Kingdom
PCGS Mint State: MS 68
CGT Free: Yes

Order your brand new Graded 2024 Liberty and Britannia 1oz Gold Coin today!

Introducing The 2024 Liberty and Britannia 1oz gold coin, a monumental release in our bullion collection that celebrates a pioneering partnership between the esteemed Royal Mint and the prestigious United States Mint. This exclusive range heralds a new era in history, marking the first-ever collaboration between the Chief Engravers of these two minting giants. At the heart of this collection lies a coin that is more than just a piece of precious metal; it is a symbol of the enduring ‘special relationship’ between the United Kingdom and the United States, a term eloquently coined by Sir Winston Churchill in 1946. This coin masterfully intertwines the iconic figures of Britannia and Liberty, embodying the shared values and intertwined histories of these two great nations. Crafted with the utmost precision and skill, this bullion coin features a binary design that pays homage to both Britannia and Liberty, granting them equal prominence in a design that speaks volumes of the craftsmanship and expertise of the Chief Engravers involved. This design is not just an artistic achievement; it represents the virtues of fortitude and freedom, the bedrock upon which the national identities of the UK and the US are built.

Why buy a 2024 gold Liberty and Britannia?

A ground breaking collaboration between The Royal Mint and the United States Mint, offering a unique piece of numismatic art.
An intricate binary design that beautifully juxtaposes the symbols of Britannia and Liberty, reflecting the special transatlantic relationship.
Each coin is struck to The Royal Mint’s illustrious bullion standard, ensuring its beauty and quality.

They offer a great benefit to British investors. They are exempt from Capital Gain Tax in the UK. The weight, purity and gold content of the 2024 gold Britannia is backed by the Royal Mint.

Finally, buying gold Liberty and Britannia coins offer several advantages compared to gold bars, and is a great choice for any precious metal investor.

They enable you to split your precious metal portfolio into smaller units of 1 ounce of gold.
They are highly liquid and have a low premium over the gold spot price.
Their fine gold content of 1 troy ounce (31.1035 grams) enables you to track their price easily. Since the gold price is also quoted in ounces, you just need to look at the live gold price available on our website to know the exact value of your gold Liberty and Britannia.

Why buy 1 oz gold coins?

Similar to other gold coins, 1 oz gold Britannia coins are exempt from VAT in the United Kingdom and all other EU member states.

They are an excellent method for dividing your precious metal holdings into smaller portions. In actuality, a large gold bar is not always the optimal choice. Even if you purchase gold bars at a lower price per gram, a large gold bar will limit the liquidity of your investment.

Purchasing 1-ounce gold bullion coins increases the divisibility and liquidity of your investment. Instead of selling an entire gold bar when you need cash, you can sell a few gold coins. Consequently, it is worthwhile to pay a slightly higher premium.

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Weight 1 oz

United Kingdom



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