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Graded 2022 Australian Kangaroo 1oz Gold Coin MS70


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Graded 2022 Australian Kangaroo 1oz Gold Coin MS70

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Product Description

Coin Weight: 1oz
Gold Purity: 916.7
Brand: Rand Refinery
Country: Australia
PCGS Mint State: MS 70

Discover the newest edition of the Australian Kangaroo gold coin from the Perth Mint, dated 2022.

This coin is also called the Australian Nugget. It is minted in 24 carats (999.9) fine gold by the Perth Mint. It is among a few major gold bullion coins with such a high degree of purity.

The beauty of the design makes it an ideal coin that combines gold investment with the pleasure of coin collecting.


The observe bears a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.


The reverse displays a kangaroo, a symbolic animal from Australia. The design of the Kangaroo varies according to the year of issue.

The reverse has experienced changes since this bullion coin was released. At first, the reverse of these coins depicted an Australian nugget. In 1989, the design was changed and featured a kangaroo, a more widely recognised symbol of Australia.

Why buy 1 oz Australian Kangaroo gold coin?

Gold Kangaroos are a relevant choice if you are looking to store physical gold rather than trading. In fact, these coins are well-known for the high degree of purity of their gold content. Therefore, they are relatively soft and fragile. You can keep these bullion coins in protective plastic tubes to prevent from scratches and damage to the coin surface.

With the design changing each year, australian kangaroo coins have an additional aspect of uniqueness. A lot of collectors consider the way of buying gold as pleasant. You can enjoy the excitement of not knowing which year or design you will receive until you open your package.

With its legal tender status in Australia, the gold kangaroo is a favourite item among collectors and investors worldwide. In fact, Perth Mint produces this coin in limited numbers each year. Therefore, this creates a great collectable opportunity, and collectors tend to order this coin in advance before their official release.

Brief History of the Australian Kangaroo gold coin

The Australian Nugget gold coin series was first introduced in 1986 by the Gold Corporation, known today as the Perth Mint. From 1986 to 1989, the reverse of each coin depicted various nuggets found in Australian fields. These coins were sold as a four-coin proof set containing coins ranging in size from 1/10 oz to 1 oz Gold Coins.

The design changed to feature a Red Kangaroo after the 1989 proof edition. Since that time, these Gold coins have featured a variety of marsupials, including the Common Wallaroo, the Nailtailed Wallaby and the Grey Kangaroo. This added collectibility to the coin’s .9999 fine Gold appeal.

The kangaroo depicted in the design is an iconic representation of the fascinating wildlife inhabiting Australia.

Why buy 1 ounce gold coins ?

One ounce gold coins are a great alternative to invest in physical gold. in the gold bullion market. They enable you to divide your precious metal portfolio into smaller units. Although large gold bars tend to carry a smaller premium over spot, they are not necessarily the best option. Buying 1 ounce gold bullion coins make your investment more liquid. You can sell part of your one ounce gold coins at any time. In comparison, a large gold bar will be more difficult to convert into cash. Therefore, it is worth paying a slightly higher premium rather than holding a large gold bar.

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