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Graded 2022 American Eagle 1oz Gold Coin MS70


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Graded 2022 American Eagle 1oz Gold Coin MS70

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Product Description

Coin Weight: 1oz
Gold Purity: 916.7
Brand: US Mint
Country: United States
PCGS Mint State: MS 70

Discover the brand new 2022 Gold Eagle coin for sale at a low premium above the gold spot price.

Manufactured by the United States Mint, it is the official gold bullion coin of the USA, authorised under the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985, which makes it the most traded coin in North America.

Why buy 1 oz American Eagle gold coin?

American Eagle are the most famous gold bullion coins in the United States. This bullion coin has legal tender status in its country of origin. Therefore, they are highly liquid in the United States. They have become quite popular bullion coins internationally, which makes them easy to trade. Gold American Eagle coins have been in high demand every year since their introduction, mostly due to their beauty and history. As a highly popular USA Gold piece, the Gold American Eagle is a great bullion coin that adds diversity to investor portfolios.

American eagle gold bullion coins are a good choice for American investors looking to add physical gold in their portfolio. Those bullion coins offer tax benefits under Individual Retirement Account plans (IRA).

Like the gold Krugerrand, the American Eagle contains an alloy of 22 carats gold (91.67 % gold, 3 % silver and 5.33 % copper). Therefore, it is a highly resistant gold coin, ideal for transport. American Eagle gold coins are guaranteed by the US government for their weight, content and purity.

Brief History of the 50 Dollars Eagle

Before buying American eagle gold coins, it is important to know some of the history that makes Gold Eagles worth buying. Original American Eagle gold coins dates back to 1792, period at which their value was $10. These coins were authorised by the Coinage Act of 1792 and the term “eagle” was used to describe a $10 coin. These gold coins were also available as Quarter Eagle, Half Eagle and Double Eagle, each valued at $2.50, $5 and $20.

Gold Eagle coins were discontinued in 1933 during the Great Depression, following a decree by Franklin D Roosevelt that aimed to prevent banks from bankruptcy. After this decree, the United States went off from the gold standard. However since 1981, the US Congress was petitioned for the return of a gold American coin. In 1985, Ronald Reagan signed the Gold Bullion Coin Act which enable the US Mint to start producing 50 dollars American gold eagle coin, using gold extracted from gold mines in the United States. The coin became available for investors and collectors in 1986 and rose quickly in popularity.

The United States Mint is the unique producer of Golden Eagle coins, made from .9167 fine Gold backed by the American Government. American Eagle 1 oz Gold coins are minted exclusively at the West Point facility in New York. You can recognise the manufacturing location by looking at the mint mark “W”, engraved in all uncirculated Golden Eagles.

Why buy 1 ounce gold coins ?

One ounce gold coins are popular in the gold bullion market. They are a great way to divide your precious metal portfolio into smaller units. Although a kilo gold bar is cheaper in terms of price per gram, it is not necessarily the best option. Buying 1 ounce gold bullion coins make your investment more liquid. You will be able in the future to sell part of your gold by trading a few gold coins. Therefore, it is worth paying a slightly higher premium above spot rather than holding a large gold bar difficult to convert into cash.

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