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Coronation Half Sovereign


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Coronation Half Sovereign

Product Description

Introducing The Royal Mint’s highly anticipated 2023 Half Coronation Sovereign, a significant release that unites tradition, history, and prestige. First struck under the rule of Henry VII in 1489, The Sovereign coin has been an emblem of the British monarchy’s strength and reliability, making it one of the most recognized and trustworthy bullion coins globally.

The 2023 Coronation Sovereign celebrates the enthronement of His Majesty King Charles III. The obverse of this special edition coin showcases a finely crafted official crowned coinage portrait of the King, an artwork masterfully designed by British sculptor Martin Jennings, and endorsed personally by His Majesty himself.

In a tribute to its enduring legacy, the Coronation Sovereign brings back Benedetto Pistrucci’s iconic St George and the dragon design. Created during the coin’s revival in 1817, this timeless image has been hailed as a masterpiece of numismatic art.


Gold Sovereigns are Free of Capital Gain Tax (CGT), which makes them an ideal product for British investors.


Why buy the 2023 Half Sovereign Gold Coin?

Brand new half-gold sovereigns are a great way to invest in physical gold progressively. It makes your holdings more divisible, and consequently more liquid. To illustrate, you can easily sell a few half-gold sovereigns at any time, rather than having to hold a large gold bar. Moreover, British gold coins like full and half sovereigns are exempt from Capital Gain Tax (CGT), because of their legal tender status in the UK. This is an added benefit for British investors. Finally, this coin is VAT free in the UK and European Community.

The Royal Mint produces gold bullion coins of the highest quality, using strict minting standards. All newly produced gold sovereigns (full and a half) go through a verification process called the Trial of the Pyx. This independent verification trial dates back to 1282 and certifies the weight and gold purity of British coins before their issue to the public market. As a result, brand new British coins like the 2022 half-gold sovereign have weight and purity backed by the UK Government.


History of Gold Sovereign

Since the year 650, several mints across Great Britain minted coins. Around the year 1540, most of the mints closed and the Royal Mint was the only mint in operation.

Great Britain abandoned the striking of coins by hand in 1663 and introduced new manufacturing processes. The use of screw presses and horse-drawn rolling mills enabled the manufacture of what became “milled coins”.

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