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A Test Product – Tudor Beast 1oz Gold Coin 2023

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A Test Product – Tudor Beast 1oz Gold Coin 2023


Product Description

The fourth coin in the Royal Tudor Beasts collection. Features a new reverse design by David Lawrence that showcases the powerful beast and its shield containing the Tudor Rose

Why buy 1 oz gold coins?

One ounce gold coins are popular in the gold bullion market. They are a great way to split your precious metal holdings in smaller fractions. In fact, a large gold bar is not always the best option. Even if you will pay less per gram with gold bars, a large gold bar will restrict the fungibility of your investment. Buying 1 ounce gold bullion coins make your investment more divisible and liquid. In fact, you can trade few gold coins when you need cash, instead of selling a whole bar at once. On the other hand, a large gold bar will be more difficult to convert into cash. Therefore, it is worth paying a slightly higher premium above the gold spot spot price.

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