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100 Grams Metalor Silver Bar


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100 Grams Metalor Silver Bar

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Product Description

Buy Bullion offers 100g silver bars for sale in brand new condition.

These silver bars are uncirculated (directly supplied from the refinery) and delivered with their assay certificate. They are manufactured by Metalor (an LBMA approved refiner) at are available at low premium over the silver spot price.

Please note that silver bars are subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%.

Why buy 100g silver bar ?

Smaller Silver Units

100g silver bars are a great choice for investors looking to buy silver bullion. With these bars, you can divide you precious metal portfolio in smaller units, which make it convenient on resale. You can sell part of your silver holdings in the future, rather than a large bullion bar.

Small Premium

The Premium correspond to the markup for distribution, fabrication and nominal dealer fees. In general, silver coins tend to have a higher premium compared to silver bars, which make your silver investment more expensive overall. Buy 100g silver bars are more cost-effective. The low premium on silver bars results in a lower silver price per gram on purchase. Therefore, it is a cheaper way to invest in physical silver.

Easier to store

Moreover, the 100g silver bar offer the benefits of being more portable and easier to store than a larger-weight bar.

Why buy silver bars ?

Silver bars are available in the market in different weights and sizes. You can buy silver bars in two denominations: Grams or Troy ounces. One of the most popular is the Metalor 1 kilo silver bar.

Buy Bullion offer silver bars ranging from 100 to 1 troy ounce. All the bars available available for sale on our website come from LBMA accredited manufacturers.

Buy silver bars is a great way to balance your portfolio. You can diversify your holdings between short-term (silver coins) and long-term (silver bars) products.

Why invest in silver ?

Silver plays an important role in the portfolio of bullion investors. Overtime, a lot of investors bought physical silver to diversify their assets and because of the metal affordability.

Historically, silver proves to be a great asset to hedge against inflation and economic downturns. Therefore, add silver coins or bars to your portfolio can help to protect your purchasing power. In fact, the price of silver is not subject the volatility that affects stocks and bonds.

A lot of investor started to buy silver because of the increasing demand for this precious metal. From bullion investment to photovoltaic cells, a lot of companies buy silver for industrial and technological uses. These range from electronic components to silver-embedded medical equipment. Silver as a metal accounts for more than 50 % of the global demand for these applications. As the market for silver expands, many believe the Silver price per ounce will rise and help bolder investments.

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