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1 Kilo Metalor Silver Bar


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1 Kilo Metalor Silver Bar

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Product Description

Are you looking to acquire uncirculated silver bars? Buy Bullion offer this 1 kilo silver bar for sale from Metalor (an LBMA approved refiner) at low premium over the silver spot price. The bar is brand new uncirculated, and is delivered with its assay certificate for authenticity.

Please note that silver bars are subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%.

Why buy 1kg silver bar ?

Kilo silver bar are a cost-effective way to buy physical silver. In comparison, silver coins are usually more expensive with a higher premium. If you wish to acquire one kilo of silver in the form of coins, you would need to buy 32 coins. This would cost you around £10 more per kilo compared to buying a 1kg silver bar.

Finally, a kilo silver bar is easier to store and stack compared to a larger silver bar. Silver being less dense than gold, a large bar like a 100 troy ounce will require a larger space to store compared to a silver bar of smaller size.

Why should you buy silver bars ?

Silver bars come in a lot of different weights, including both in grams and troy ounces. One of the most popular size is the kilo bar. In many cases, the silver bars are easier to store compared to silver bullion coins.

At Buy Bullion, you can buy silver bars ranging from 100 to 1 ounce. Prices between silver bars vary depending on the manufacturing brand. However with Buy Bullion, you will pay only the markup for distribution, fabrication and the nominal dealer fee on top of the silver spot price. There is no additional charge for the manufacturing brand.

All the silver bars sold by Buy Bullion come from LBMA approved refiners.

Why invest in silver ?

A lot of investors consider gold as the main precious metal to hold. However, silver plays also an important role in an investment portfolio. Buying silver through bars or coins is a great way to balance and diversify your assets. As a matter of fact, the demand for this precious metal has always been increasing, despite its limited supply. Many products in the electronics, medical or photovoltaic sector require the use of silver as part of their components. Its increasing industrial and technological usages make investors believe that its price will rise.

Like gold, silver is also a safe bet during periods of economic downturn. The proportion of silver in investment portfolio has increased overtime. A lot of investors buy silver bars and coins to protect their purchasing power and hedge against inflation. In fact, the price of silver is not subject to the volatility that affects stocks and bonds.

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