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LBMA-approved Gold & Silver Investments

Uncover the benefits of a tax-efficient gold investment portfoilio, providing stability during economic uncertainty and solid wealth preservation through inflation protection.

  • Hedge against inflation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Capital gains tax benefits
  • Economic safe haven
  • Tangible asset
  • No minimum investment


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Discover the potential for constructing a tax-efficient and resilient gold investment portfolio, offering stability and safeguarding against inflation in times of economic uncertainty, while delivering solid performance in the preservation of your wealth.

  • Hedge against inflation
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Capital gains tax benefits
  • Economic safe haven
  • Tangible asset
  • No minimum investment


About Buy Bullion

At Buy Bullion, we specialize in supplying LBMA-approved gold and silver bars and coins that can be delivered directly to your door or stored in our highly recommended high-security storage vaults. We take a uniquely consultative approach to purchasing and selling physical gold and silver, regardless of the investment amount. Our simple and tailored strategy is designed to work with beginners and experienced investors alike.

Our team of experienced professionals is always available to assist you with your inquiries. We use our extensive knowledge to provide practical and tax-efficient solutions for our clients.

Begin your exploration of the gold investment market by accessing our complimentary guide.

Why Choose Gold as an Investment?

Investing in gold in the UK offers a range of compelling benefits. First and foremost, gold serves as a historical hedge against inflation, safeguarding the real value of investments as prices rise.

Additionally, it is an effective tool for diversifying investment portfolios, given its low correlation with traditional assets like stocks and bonds, which can help spread risk. Gold’s global recognition and acceptance make it a highly liquid asset, allowing for easy trading and selling across international markets.

Its reputation as a safe-haven asset during times of economic uncertainty adds stability to portfolios. Furthermore, gold can function as insurance in periods of economic downturns, protecting wealth in challenging financial climates. Its long-term value preservation, spanning centuries, positions it as a reliable store of wealth.

Lastly, in the UK, certain gold investments, such as British Sovereigns and Britannia coins, come with potential tax benefits, as they are exempt from capital gains tax (CGT), making them a tax-efficient choice for investors seeking to diversify their holdings.

Benefits of Investing with Buy Bullion

Exclusively investment-grade bullion stock

LBMA-approved Gold and Silver bars and coins

Dedicated investment specialist

Real-time market data expert analysts

No minimum order on Gold or Silver

3 Simple Steps to Getting Started


Speak to a dedicated specialist to address any questions or queries, indicate the product of your interest, or work to find the product best suited to your needs. Dedicated specialists will work with you to identify which products are available to you and will benefit you most.

Purchase & Payment

Once you’ve selected your investment of choice, you will be requested to confirm your order. There is no minimum or maximum order on Gold and Silver. To finalise your order payment is made via bank transfer or a personal cheque. We will require proof of name and address.

Receiving your Gold

We can either deliver your gold directly to you, via our complimentary insured, tracked and signed-for delivery service or you can choose to have your gold safely stored in our recommended fully insured vault.


Do you sell investment-grade gold?

Yes. We offer a wide range of investment-grade gold bullion coins and bars at highly competitive prices. Our rates are regularly adjusted against other leading dealers, delivering on our promise to consistently offer the best gold bullion rates in the UK market.

Are bullion products VAT-free?

Since 1st January 2000, all investment grade gold is VAT exempt across the EU, as per notice 201/21a, the full details of which are available on HMRC’s website. Certain gold bullion and numismatic coins are also exempt from CGT.

Should I buy gold coins or bars?

Whilst essentially a personal preference, there are certain established advantages of coins vs. bars, and vice versa. Whilst the significantly larger size of gold bullion bars makes them a superior choice for holding large quantities of gold, Gold bullion coins remain by far a more popular option for individual investors.

When should I invest in precious metals?

A look at the history of gold offers a couple of clear and consistent lessons: the price of gold begins to soar in times of economic distress and political unrest. Which sounds a lot like right now. And yes, objectively, right now would be quite a good time to buy gold.

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Please note that we are not providing investment advice either generally or within the meaning of the Regulated Activities Order 2001 as amended. We are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We cannot provide advice which compares precious metals with investments or on the tax implications of purchasing goods from us. Please seek your own financial, tax and/or accounting advice with regard to these tax implications.

Benefits of Investing with Buy Bullion

Gold is the investment for those who are looking to protect themselves from the unknown. Download our guide to understand:

  • The gold market
  • Learn how to invest in gold or silver
  • Timing and pricing strategies
  • Our buy back guarentee
  • Free insured delivery & storage


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